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I just read the comments regarding your wedding at the RIU in Cabos. I'm getting married there in 2 weeks--6/7/08 and slightly freaking out. Are you availble via email or phone to talk briefly. I have questions about Daniela, etc. I've been talking to her since like November but there are still many things that she is not acknowledging are confirmed.

So again, do you have a few minutes talk or write?




I must seee more!! The wedding was beautiful, I somehow stumbled upon your page from the BDW site...I am considering the RIU for May 09, can you tell me more??? regarding costs for guests, reception area, food and included activities?? That would be so helpful, thanks!


oh, email me at ashleykmorgan@hotmail.com if you can, thank you. I left the above comment.


I found your page online as well and your wedding was gorgeous! I am not getting married at the Riu until Oct of 2009 but I also have some questions. Do you have time to answer a few? My email is ebrengman@gmail.com.



This is so beautiful wedding venue i like the place so much,good that you shared this. :)


Sue Mattson

It looks like the weather really cooperated with you that day! Not all planned outdoor weddings go smoothly because of bad weather. Also, the setting looks very grand. Could you include a photo of the dancing area?

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