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I am trying to plan a wedding to Cabo, could I have your email? You have no idea how much help your site has been thus far- thank yoU!

April Romero

>If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for the photographer for your wedding?

>Also, who was the hair person that you used and how can I get in touch with her?

>If I remember correctly you said you got the Royal Wedding Package, my question is why did you choose this one rather than the Caprice Package & which one would you recommend?

Thank you so much! Your review & your wedding blog has been extremely helpful! Thank god for people like you!!

Katherine Morrissette

Hi there!
I am planning a wedding at the Palace and have a few questions for you.
Were you able to get plate service or was it strictly buffet style?
I am wanting a private reception and was curious if they would set up their banquet rooms for a wedding reception?
What options are there for the ceremony (beach, gazebo?)?
Why did you not go for the bouquet etc that came with the package?
Sorry, lots of questions I know, you're site has been very helpful so far and I truly appreciate any pointers!
Thank you


Hello!! I am planning a wedding at the Palace this year. First, thank you very much for the pix and the info!! I have pretty much the same questions as above....how can I read the answers if available? thanks again!! looking for any additional info I can get!! :)
ps. I love your brown bows on the chairs!!


I too am getting married the Riu in April and would love to ask you a few questions, if you are still using this blog, please email at jmpashko@hotmail.com


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