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My name is Sarah Brown. I love hot dogs and macaroni & cheese. Preferably together. I sell houses for a living and believe that Costco is the best thing since...since ever. Oh and I use commas way, way too much - It's a disease!

My Crew is rounded out by my handsome husband, Jess, and our 2 wonderfully irritating dogs. Who I wouldn't trade for the world. Unless you're interested. Then let's talk.

The four of us just arrived in Germany where we will be living for the next few years. We have no idea what we are doing here, but enjoying it all the same.

Why SoulMoxie? because it's a powerful marriage of words. Something that I strive to have personally and professionally...

"It's a street-smart spirit that's as old as recorded history, and as new as the rising sun. David had it; Goliath didn't. It's that intangible tangible. You don't learn it in school and you can't get it from a book. It can jump oceans and move mountains. It says, "Make your life what it can be. Take your life wherever it can go."


running, blogs, reading, camping, traveling, skiing, canyoneering, bbc, going to costco.